May 29, 2020

Astronomy Video of the Week: Watch the CRS-7 Launch Live

Launch of CRS-2. Photo by author.

It’s the busy season in low Earth orbit once again, as missions are set to head to and depart from the International Space Station this summer. And the first mission in the queue is SpaceX’s Dragon resupply capsule, set to head to the ISS this weekend. Launch of CRS-7 is slated for Sunday, June 28th at 14:21 UT/10:21 AM EDT atop a Falcon-9 rocket. Launch occurs from Cape Canaveral and pad SLC-40, and you can watch the whole thing live on NASA TV beginning at 9:00 AM EDT/13:00 UT: [Read more...]

10.04.11: Towards a Brave New Decade of Space Exploration.

Earlier, this week, two news articles made their way to us via Spaceflight Now that we thought deserved some weekend editorializing in this space. On Tuesday, SpaceX announced its plans for a Falcon Heavy rocket, which could provide 3.8 million pounds of thrust to place a 58+ ton payload into low Earth orbit or a 15 ton payload much farther afield.

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June 2010: Life in the Astro-Blogosphere.

Summer is upon us, as most backyard astronomers begin to look forward to “crossing the hump” of the summer solstice. You won’t know it until fall, but the nighttime starts slooooowly creeping back into the northern hemisphere this month. What follows is a gathering of all things astronomical and what you can expect to see on the Astroguyz collective radar in the coming month;

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