June 3, 2020

Free Fiction Friday: A Standard of Deviation Part 6

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Has the Universe got you down? Reality is certainly crashing down hard around our main protagonist this week… remember through, we all have the means to shake the game up a bit, in our very own special way. If you’re new to the tale, be sure to start back on Chapter 1. Or hey, you can read A Standard of Deviation and other original tales of sci-fi by yours truly in their entirety as well.

Anyways, onward to Chapter 6:

A Standard of Deviation


David A. Dickinson

Chapter 6

But that would mean that our monopoly on galactic trade would also be over.

I finally got a chance to sit down and read Lila’s message the night before departure from the system. I was back on the Lagrange point station which would serve as our departure area to the portal where I would pick up the Quantum Standard and head to the next system on the run. I had notes from our surface survey to organize, and I plugged in Lila’s transmission as the station slid into the shadow of the dead world. [Read more...]

30.10.2012: A Weekend of Apocalyptic Fun at the NecronomiCon!

How many Baktuns in a Pectun again?

(Credit: Stone Hill.org).

The “busy ‘Con season” for Astroguyz has arrived. Sure, it may have came and went with only one event, but what an event it was! Said gathering was the 2012 NecronomiCon, a horror/fantasy/science fiction convention held this past weekend at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel in downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida. This is the last year that the convention will be on the St. Pete side of Tampa Bay, and our second year hosting star parties at the event.

The ‘Con in full swing… (All photos by author).

The NecronomiCon is always an amazing mixture of diversity in all that is speculative fiction. We were interested in sitting in on several panels with Guest of Honor Linnea Sinclair and of course the ever present Timothy Zahn. Our own panel scene was pretty light this year, doing “You Can be an Astronomer” and “Cold Fusion: Has the Dream Become Reality” where we were actually referred to as a skeptic in the wild for the first time! Maybe the Skeptics Guide to the Universe will come calling…

Musings of other worlds…

But as the Sun went down, the action turned to the sky. We had a great turn out with a steady stream of Halo characters, Goths and more all interested to look at the universe. The bright lights of downtown St. Pete (and a Saturday nite soccer game just across the road) restricted us to fairly bright targets, i.e. the waxing gibbous Moon and a rising Jupiter. Hey, the limiting magnitude allowed us to just pick out the Summer Triangle high overhead, and Aldebaran next to Jupiter. Even Albireo was a tough grab, akin to doing astronomy from the Las Vegas strip! Still, we star-partied into the wee dawn hours, discussing libration, interstellar travel, and much more. A big thanks to Tanja from Star Splitter Adventures for providing star maps and a wealth of astronomical knowledge.

Armor + star gazing!

But activities weren’t just restricted to nighttime viewing. Saturday afternoon we had a chance to check out the brightest star of all in Earthly skies; the Sun. Sol was a bit bashful at first, hiding behind a thin veil of clouds reminiscent of our view of the Transit of Venus from earlier this year.  Perseverance won out however, and we were able to view sunspots and prominences in both hydrogen alpha and white light.

Practicing safe solar viewing courtesy of Astroguyz.

It was always great to see faces old and new as well as hang out with the crowd. Also a big shout out the Craig MacDougal, who serves as the Assistant Coordinator for the Jupiter Section of the American Lunar & Planetary Observers’ group; it was great to pick the brain of someone so knowledgeable about astronomy. We’re truly not worthy!

A PST view of the Sun.

As for this years’ trends, we noticed much more panel discussion on writing romance in terms of science fiction, fantasy & horror. There were lots more discussion on the e-business end of publication, with the Amazon Kindle being the focus of the market.

One day, it’ll be true!

All in all, it was a great 31st year for the event; we hope to make “the 32nd NecromoniCon” (after the world doesn’t end again) in 2013!

The 2012 Rhysling Awards.

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Ahhhh, summer. School’s out, hurricane and monsoon season is in, and the Earth approaches yet another aphelion in its annual trek around the Sun. And with the Academy Awards still over half an orbit away, Hollywood can once again return to its summertime box office passion of simply “blowing things up”. But perhaps your cerebellum thirsts for something more of an intellectual bent; well, OK, with maybe just a FEW zombies, vampires, and explosions… [Read more...]

Review: The Nebula Awards Showcase 2012.

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Show biz has the Oscars and Emmys, Science has the Nobels, and Science Fiction has the Hugo’s and Nebula Awards. Established in 1965, the Nebulas celebrate the greatest in all that is science fiction. This week, we take a look at what will hopefully become a yearly tradition here at Astroguyz Central; A review of the Nebula Awards Showcase 2012 out in May 2012 from Pyr Books. [Read more...]