June 6, 2020

Astro-Event: Ushering in Spring 2012.

The Double Shadow transit at 3UT on March 23rd.

(Graphic created by Author in Starry Night).

Residents of the northern hemisphere take heart; the spring or Vernal Equinox occurs this week on March 20th. This is the moment that the Sun crosses the celestial equator as seen from our Earthly vantage point and begins its march north into positive declinations. The exact moment occurs at 05:14UT/01:14 EDT early Tuesday morning, the earliest its occurred since 1896 and the earliest until 2016 when it slides back another 44 minutes. [Read more...]

AstroEvent: An Equinox, a Full Moon, and a Perigee.

NOTE: The post that follows was written and loaded for timed release before the March 11th earthquake & resulting tsunami  off of the coast of Japan. We decided to release it early to combat much of the pseudo-science that was already afoot about the “Super-Moon…” To re-iterate much of what follows, perigee is perigee, and varies little (<4.5%) from lunation to lunation.  Astronomers are not predicting earthquakes, Nibiru, or Sheen-zombie apocalypse as a result of an apsidal Full Moon…

A perfect storm of astronomical events is transpiring at the end of the week, one that will no doubt trigger the worldwide Woo and break with much shoddily composed pseudo-science journalism. But you’ve arrived here at Astroguyz in search of astronomical knowledge, so we’ll give you the straight up-low down on the street; [Read more...]