February 23, 2020

Free Fiction Friday: Solar Winds-The Cloaked Promise Part 4

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Things are heating up in the Saturn system this week, as Andrea discovers that the captured Radium Core is a terrible prize that will bring them more than they bargained for. Be sure to check out this week’s installment, or if your new to the series start back with Chapter 1 of the first story Scorpius Cell or Chapter 1 of The Cloaked Promise or hey, you can read em both in their entirety.


Solar Winds-The Cloaked Promise


David Dickinson

Chapter 4

Sleep did not come easy to her that night.

Curled in her suspensor cocoon, Andrea writhed like a caterpillar unable to transform.  Dreams came in fits and starts, disjointed and tangled. Sleep inducers and dream programmers were prevalent among her college friends, but Andrea categorically rejected them.  Some saw random dreaming as dangerous, but lately, Andrea had come to see reality as the real hazard. [Read more...]

Free Fiction Friday: Solar Winds-Scorpius Cell Part 1

Here it ’tis: our weekly Friday installment featuring the start of a brand new tale. This one is set in our Solar Winds universe, which fans will remember from our The Hunt for Beagle tale. This also begins the saga of Andrea Makati as an adult and the adventures of Scorpius Cell. We’ve been working on this story line for about the past decade now, and it is ready for prime time. the First two installments are  up on our Amazon author page,  and number three is forthcoming soon. We envisioned Solar Winds as a fast-paced serial installment, with a space opera-theme that’s Star Wars or Dune-sized in scale, but with the sensibilities of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Gravity—or the lack thereof—works in the Solar Winds universe, and the laws of physics must be obeyed. And hey, you might just spot a dash of a Legion of Superheroes vibe in the tale as well.


Solar Winds: Scorpius Cell


David Dickinson


“Every trumpeted beginning brings with it the muted promise of an end.”

Hanna Jillian Sweeten,

The Violet Integer (2215, Old Earth Time)


The pressurized hatch protested then finally hissed open, revealing the three figures to the inner bowels of the ship. Finally, we are actually doing it, Andrea thought to herself.

She cleared the maintenance access hatchway and slid into the forward chamber. Everything looked just as The Shrink’s diagrams said it would.

“Gravity should be taking over,” Karl whispered to them. He slid down out of sight. [Read more...]