February 17, 2020

07.05.11: Its International Astronomy Day!

Coming under a sky near you… (Photo by Author).

Batten down the scopes…today is a day when we celebrate all things astronomical. This year, International Astronomy Day as reckoned by the Astronomical League falls on May 7th and October 1st. This weekend is a good time to visit that local astronomy club or planetarium and see what’s happening in the night sky… and if they’re not planning an event, ask em’ why not? [Read more...]

Review: Seeing & Believing by Richard Panek

Much has been said over the years about how the invention of the telescope has changed the science of astronomy, but how has it changed us and our view of our place in the scheme of things? Enter Seeing & Believing: How the Telescope Opened Our Eyes and Minds to the Heavens by Richard Panek. I discovered this amazing little book in our local library from a reader tip, and found it a thoroughly interesting and engaging read.

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