June 3, 2020

Themes in Science Fiction.



Zombies. Ray-guns. Spacecraft that defy physics. Sure, sci-fi is rife with, well, bad plot devices that you could fly an Imperial Star Destroyer through. But if you subsist on a steady diet of the fantastic, a set of themes emerge. Here is an Astroguyz tongue-and-cheek original, a quick baker’s dozen of the themes that we’ve identified and tagged in the wild. Feel free to submit your own! [Read more...]

Son of Man by Robert Silverberg.



(Editors’ Note: Thanks to all of you that braved the cold to report the Quadrantid meteor shower rates this past weekend; here at Astroguyz HQ in Hudson, Florida we saw maybe a couple dozen under semi hazy skies the morning of the 3rd, amounting to a very unofficial zenithal hourly rate of maybe 90-100. Not a bad final shower to wrap up the season.  Of course, unlike the rest of the country, we had the privilege to observe in shorts and t-shirts in January! Now, at long last, back to the classic Scifi reviews…):

Looking for a “trippy” novel? Son of Man, by Robert Silverberg, may be it. Set in the far (and we do mean far!) future, this classic novel is now back in print courtesy of Pyr books. In it, an average mortal of modern times is flung into a universe in which Man has evolved into a multitude of distinct species.

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