February 24, 2020

Harvest Moon; an Update.

Note: you can see the resulting image mentioned at the SpaceWeather link at the end of the article.

This morning in Seminole Florida dawned mostly clear, and I decided to have a go at some early morning Astrophotography.

Since we are currently mobile in our quest for a new domicile, my astronomy gear is limited to my binocs, video camera, and the naked eye. Fortunately, the Harvest Moon provided a bright target.  As the dawn brightened, I was even greeted by a Yellow-crested Night Heron, who decided to pose for me for about half an hour! The following were shot as the sun continued to rise…

Above is one of my earliest shots, just as it was getting light enough to shoot at a wide angle. The shutter speed was about 1/60.

Maneuvering around the dock a bit, I got the composure  I wanted, above.

And of course, the classic black and white.

I’ve had my eye on the tree, pictured above, since arrival here at our friend Lisa’s place!

And the sunrise wasn’t bad, either! It felt great to do some astrophotography after a long hiatus; I can’t wait to get my gear out of storage!

Also, check us out recently at Spaceweather.com!


  1. RayGil says:

    Lovely series of photographs, well done!

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