June 7, 2020

16.10.11: Tales of a Tiny Moon.

A Distant Hunter’s Moon! (Photo by Author).

We thought we’d take this brief weekend moment to share with you the recent fruits of our astro-labor. As good fans and followers of this space know, last Tuesday’s Hunter’s Moon also marked the visually smallest of the year, as Full phase was reached only hours before apogee. While that particular Moon wasn’t exceptionally smaller (measuring in at about 29’ arc minutes in size) than most other Full Moons, it’s always fun to note and commemorate. We did manage to get some pretty decent backyard shots of the rising “Tiny Moon” from Astroguyz HQ, such as the one pictured above. We often fall prey to a classic dilemma facing many astro-photographers; keeping up with documenting and publishing the piles of images we constantly generate! Gone are the days when we simply “took pics”… today, every movement or action seems to be accompanied by a press release! But hey, we do appreciate you, the fans who tune in for all of the astro-action, day after sidereal day…

Now for the wow factor. Said Moon was at an apogee of 252,546 miles from the Earth about 8 hours after Full, which occurred only mere hours after this pic was taken… and did you know, the Moon is closer by one Earth radii when its overhead than when it’s on the horizon? The farthest Full Moon since 2006, next year’s November 2012 Moon will be even closer to apogee and hence farther still… be sure and share any “tiny Moon” tales with us!


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