May 31, 2020

A Partial Eclipse of the Strawberry Moon: An Update.

T’was an uncharacteristically clear morning here at Astroguyz HQ as we awoke to photograph the Moon’s only transit of the Earth’s umbra for 2012 this AM. As always, the partial lunar eclipse did not disappoint, and the celestial mechanics of the heavens clicked over right on time. We shot from our upstairs window right up until moonset. We used our trusty Nikon D60 with a 400mm lens plus a 2x teleconverter, shooting at ISO 800-1600 and 1/100th to 1/6th of a second as the eclipse got lower in elevation. Anyways,we thought we’d post these quick pics and let the wonders of the universe speak for themselves!

The very beginning of partial phase;

Into the bushes;

Almost packed up before I caught this view;

Enjoy… next up; tomorrow’s transit of Venus!


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