May 25, 2019

January 2014: This Month in Science Fiction

Welcome to 2014! Yeah, I know, we will spare you the spiel about how we’re all supposed to have flying skateboards by now. Still, it is strange to think about just how many science fiction red-letter dates are coming right up. It’s just plain hard to be a prophet of the future, though perhaps all of those science fiction dystopian futures never in fact came to pass because scifi authors warned us about ‘em in the first place… or did they? Maybe we’re living in a dystopian world right now that would shock our great grandparents in disbelief. Either way, be sure to thank a science fiction author next time you meet one for the world we now inhabit– though said sightings are indeed rare, they do need to occasionally go out and forage for groceries, just like the rest of us. And speaking of which, here are some great science fiction tales to watch out for in January 2014:

How Dark the World Becomes: Now out in paperback courtesy of Baen Books, How Dark the World Becomes by Frank Chadwick enters the realm of the novel through the eyes and actions of Sasha Naradnyo, a small time Earth gangster operating in a forsaken colony known simply as the Crack on planet Peezgtaan. The narrative in Naradnyo’s own voice gives us an insight into how intergalactic mobsters operate, similar to the modus operandi used in the USA network series Burn Notice.

Sasha finds himself on a planet-spanning mission, first as a bodyguard for a woman and her child seeking a perilous passage. Sasha then becomes an unwitting pawn in an underhanded game of intergalactic proportions, dealing with alien shadow organizations he scarcely knew existed.

Be sure to check out our full review of How Dark the World Becomes back from last year!

A Few Good Men: Now out in paperback, A Few Good Men follows the exploits of Lucius Keeva as a futuristic reluctant revolutionary leader in this Book One of the Earth Revolution saga by Sarah A. Hoyt. Caught between the mystical order of the Usaian religion and the Sons of Liberty, Keeva finds himself an unwilling hero. This is “Man against Class” in this sequel to Hoyt’s Darkship series, one that’s well worth the read!

Empire of Man: Are true leaders born, or are they made? Or perhaps they’re forged by tribulations on an alien world. Empire of Man by John Ringo and David Weber collects together the two classic tales of March Upcountry and March to the Sea in one gigantic 1,000 pages plus novel for the first time. Roger Ramius MacClintock is the arrogant, some would say spoiled, third in line heir to the Throne of Man. But a crash landing on a hostile alien planet is about to change all of that, as the marooned MacClintock must battle his way around the foreboding planet Marduk to reach its sole spaceport and escape.  Can the Empress’ Bronze Battalion come to his rescue? And will Roger find the “Right Stuff” to lead them to victory?

To Sail A Darkling Sea: Sometimes the survivors of a zombie apocalypse are worse off than its victims. To Sail a Darkling Sea by John Ringo is the sequel to last year’s Under a Graveyard Sky.  Wolf Squadron must scour the seas of the Atlantic, looking for those few survivors who have managed to survive the plague. But every ship contains the danger of those infected, as well as a promise of discovering answers and salvation. But the biggest challenge of all comes in the form of the discovery of the USS Iwo Jima, which may also hold the key to saving humanity. Get set for Act II in this exciting new apocalyptic series!

Carousel Sun: OK, someones’ already asked us on Twitter… what’s with the chicken on the cover? The sequel to Carousel Tides, Carousel Sun by Sharon Lee sees the arrival of Kate Archer to the coastal town of Archers Beach, Maine. A buzz is in the air, as carnies and townies unite to build the town into a year ’round resort. But Kate not only operates the vintage wooden carousel from the title of the story, but she is also the mystical Guardian of the Land, bringing forth prosperity as well as reviving the sea and earth spirits. This does not bode well, however, for those who would eschew change, such as the vanquished Joe Nemeier. Expect a fantastic showdown of monumental proportions!

Helium Party: It’s with great pleasure that we’re proud to announce our very own third sci-fi tale up for self-publication on Amazon. But feral Space Clowns, you might ask?  Follow the adventures of Allie Allegra, “fearless girl reporter for the Terran Solar News Miner” as she infiltrates and exposes the seedy underworld of the Clowning Guild and the Citizens of Silliness. Clowning is big business, and in the words of Crunchy the Clown, “The kids want the helium… and we give it to ‘em.” The Citizens run a Clown School on the rim of Tycho crater on Earth’s Moon, where they often have to thread the edge of the law when it comes to giving the kids what they want. But when their helium supply is threatened by a rival gang, just how far will they go to assure the party continues?

Get ready for the Greatest Show Beyond Earth!

Upcoming New Movies and TV Series: And there’s lots of new movies and rumors of new science fiction movies floating around in 2014. Our top most anticipated movies are: the new Captain America flick out on April 4th, the second installment of the rebooted Planet of the Apes saga, a rumored Dune reboot, and Interstellar out in late 2014. On the TV circuit, SyFy’s Helix may be the most anticipated show of the summer season. But can it out-pace a Sharknado?

And that’s just the start of all that is science fiction for 2014. Expect us to continue to give you the month by month rundown of all that is Sci-Fi, from those of us who can still spell it correctly!

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