December 5, 2019

Week 28: Giving Thanks in Fort Worth, Texas

Release the cows…

(All photos by the author)

So, what did YOU do for Thanksgiving? Turkey Day is rapidly becoming our #2 favorite holiday behind Halloween. Unlike holidays such as Christmas or Easter, Thanksgiving is pretty much secular, with no rites needed as a barrier to pass before you can eat your cake, or pumpkin pie as it were… and though Halloween will always be number one due to its tie-in with science fiction-dom, we do loves us a good gorge-fest.

This week saw us land in the Dallas-Fort Worth region in preparation for just such a feast with relatives that live nearby. Sure, we’d breezed through the region many times before over the years, but this was the first opportunity we’d had to explore the twin Texan cities in depth.

Author Zane Grey’s star on the Texas Trail of Fame.

Any visit to Fort Worth begins at the historic Stockyards.

Not only did we catch the daily cattle drive, but it was fun to simply wander the streets and check out “who’s who,” as we ambled about checking the Texas Trail of Fame, a sort of star walk for cowboy-dom. Hey, we learned that there’s been a LOT of Lone Rangers over the years…

Bourbon to be at the Firestone and Robertson Distillery.

Another fascinating stop was the Firestone and Robertson Distillery. Everything is handcrafted here, from the bourbon right down to the leather-capped corks. Right now, they have a fine blended whiskey on the market, though the first run of aged bourbon is set to see first pour in just a few years. We learned the difference between the “heads, hearts and tails” of good bourbon, as the condensed output makes its way from moonshine to fine aged quality. And F & R Distillery even uses its own “made in Texas” yeasts to give it a one-of-a-kind taste and aroma.

Good bourbon takes time…

One restaurant not to miss in Fort Worth is Righteous Foods. A vegan oasis in the land of beef, Righteous Foods offers great dishes at reasonable prices. And the coffee is truly some righteous brew, a thick broth that’s a delight in and of itself!

Fine dining in downtown Fort Worth.

We based our operations out of the TownePlace Suites Marriot, located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth. And we couldn’t resist hopping outside with the camera and tripod for a spot of moon watching, as Luna skimmed the top of the Fort Worth skyline:

A waxing crescent Moon plus Earthshine.

A tour of the Fort Worth Art Museum featuring a fine collection of works by Degas and Van Gogh and a romp with Astro Lab at the Fort Woof Dog park rounded out the trip.

As I write this, we’re into day 5 of that equally hallowed tradition of the season: Thanksgiving leftovers.

We’re once again hitting the road later this week after a brief respite, with our new trek sending us off to Memphis, Tennessee and back to Macon, Georgia. From there, it’ll be a whirlwind trip past our storage unit in the Tampa Bay region before we strike out northward towards Maine and family by 2015…

And from there, who knows. Likewise, we’re mulling about with what to do with this here blog if we park in Maine for and extended time… bring back Astronomy Video of the Week? More observing stuff? Book reviews? Free sci-fi reads? Let us know what you’d like to see in 2015 from!


  1. Ed Kotapish says:


    You were in Ft Worth? Too bad I missed you.


  2. David Dickinson says:

    Yup… darn, forgot you lived there, sorry!


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