February 21, 2020

Free Fiction Friday: More Fantastic Tales to Come

A look at a possible cover that never was…

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Well, we’ve caught up with the story pipeline this year, featruing science fiction stories we’ve published thus far. Publishing a free chapter a week has been a good ‘kick in the pants,’ inspiring us to write more to keep up with the demand. Here’s a look at the stories we’ve offered up thus far since the project began in early 2015:


Eclipse chasing takes on a new dimension in this science fiction adventure spanning space and time. But how far is too far in this future astronomical game of one-upmanship?   And what historical or future eclipse would you journey to see, if you could? The owner of Exeligmos Eclipse Tours is about to add a new level to the definition of infatuation, as he plunges ever further back into history searching for that perfect “triple saros…” But are the history books all that they seem?  Exeligmos is a fascinating fictional look at eclipse chasing from a science fiction perspective.

-Read Exeligmos starting with chapter one.

-Read Exeligmos in its entirety.

Helium Party

Feral Space Clowns?  Follow the adventures of Allie Allegra, “fearless girl reporter for the Terran Solar News Miner” as she infiltrates and exposes the seedy underworld of the Clowning Guild and the Citizens of Silliness. Clowning is big business, and in the words of Crunchy the Clown, “The kids want the helium… and we give it to ‘em.” The Citizens run a Clown School on the rim of Tycho crater on Earth’s Moon, where they often have to thread the edge of the law when it comes to giving the kids what they want. But when their helium supply is threatened by a rival gang, just how far will they go to assure the party continues?

Get ready for the Greatest Show Beyond Earth!

-Read Helium Party starting with chapter 1.

-Read Helium Party in its entirety.


For generations, the youth of the Diaspora have vied to run a contest to the death known as Shadowfall: a foot race spanning a desolate world where survival depends on staying within the shadow of the world’s ancient moon during an eclipse. Like so many others her age, Kendra jumped at the chance to complete a Shadowfall and become a Guardian… but she’s also about to learn the truth about herself and the tales they’ve been told. Is the crucible that is the race and the defense of humanity from an ancient entity known only as the Swarmers worth the cost? Shadowfall is a story of endurance and the bleak reality of sacrifice.

-Read Shadowfall starting with chapter 1.

-Read Shadowfall in its entirety.

The Second Coming of Stephen King

How far would you go in the quest to find success? In the case of this short story’s aspiring horror writer, ‘making it’ means nothing short of following in the footsteps of America’s Master of Terror. Moving to Maine, the aspiring author finds out how to get that ‘scary vibe’ just right. But our hero gets more than he bargained for when success finds him. What is horror? What is terror? Can the world contain more than one Stephen King at a time? Our would-be writer is about to find out as he navigates the modern day industry web from pitch to publication in this story tale.

-Read The Second Coming of Stephen King starting with Chapter 1.

-Read The Second Coming of Stephen King in its entirety.

Solar Winds Volume 1: Scorpius Cell

Art student turned-adventurer Andrea Makati has finally taken the plunge and teamed up with an enterprising pair of privateers on Ganymede. Searching for Marc, who disappeared shortly after he revealed the existence of the Martian Underground and his role in it, the outer solar system offers the only pockets of refuge from the Terran Legion. But when Andrea and her team dare to hijack a deep space luxury liner, they discover a terrible prize on board, and a passenger that will make them an even bigger target than they’d bargained for.

-Read Solar Winds: Scorpius Cell starting with Chapter 1.

-Read Solar Winds: Scorpius Cell in its entirety.

Solar Winds Volume 2: The Cloaked Promise

The tale of Scorpius Cell and the Zodiac Cartel continues in Part 2 of the Solar Winds saga. Andrea may have learned that much of what Karl and the Shrink had told her on recruitment was a lie, but she’s now more determined than ever to breathe life into the space raiding outfit as its new leader and make the Zodiac Cartel a force to be reckoned with. But as her plan to capture a Terran Legion deep space scout ship unfolds, she finds its mysterious prisoner and the stolen radium core may be a more terrible prize than any of them had bargained for. Things only get stranger as a mysterious gift holding an outlandish promise arrives back at the Kumari base. Just what does the proposal that sends Andrea to the Saturnian moon of Titan mean for the Terran Solar Empire and Scorpius Cell?

-Read Solar Winds: The Cloaked Promise starting with Chapter 1.

-Read Solar Winds: The Cloaked Promise in its entirety.

The Hunt for Beagle

The Hunt for Beagle is a Young Adult Science Fiction adventure set in the Solar Winds universe on Mars. A young Andrea Makati and her friend come up with a scheme to locate an ancient spacecraft and find that life isn’t as safe and predictable as they were used to under the dome of their hometown of Saganopolis.

-Read The Hunt for Beagle starting with Chapter 1.

-Read The Hunt for Beagle in its entirety.

A Standard of Deviation

In a future where humanity reigns over an uneasy Pax Galactica, Librarian 3rd Class Kerri Jovejoy has a simple mission: to act as a courier transporting the Standard between the distant outposts of humanity. Trade and commerce depends on the Standard, which assures continuous synchronization and makes instantaneous quantum transportation technology possible. But while humanity holds sway over the sentient races of the galaxy, Kerri cares little for politics and just wants to make some extra income for her and Lila to get by. This also allows her to follow her first love: the study of alien races across the galaxy. But possession of the Standard also carries a terrible price, one that would cause some to risk all to gain its secrets.  Is the protection bequeathed by Humanity on the galaxy a blessing, or burden?  Is the life of one sentient being worth that of sentience itself?   A Standard of Deviation looks at what it means to be a responsible citizen of the cosmos.

-Read A Standard of Deviation starting with Chapter 1.

-Read A Standard of Deviation in its entirety.

What’s next? Well, we’re in the final stages of bringing you volume 3 of the Solar Winds saga, one of our most action-packed tales yet.

Stay tuned!


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