May 30, 2020

Hitting the Road for 2016

Our next ride? A KC-135 tanker over MacDill Air Force Base

Happy New Year 2016!

As the calendar flips, we’re planning on trying something new here at Astroguyz. Actually, its something old. As we mentioned last month, we wrapped up our Astronomy Video of the Week and Free Fiction Friday to take this blog back to its roots, back to what blogging is all about.

2015 saw the sale of our house and several other properties of ours, and with our new found freedom, the wife and I are hitting the road. I’d been thinking about moving the blog back to a running travelogue for some time, and now seems like as good a time as any. Expect weekly dispatches every Friday from the road, as we document our travels, digress into diatribe(s), and muse on things terrestrial and astronomical.

A Navaho Intercontinental Guided Missile on display at the U.S. Air Force Space and History Museum at Cape Canaveral Air Station, Florida

It seems ironic that, as soon as our online writing career took off, we also–for the most part–parked our backpacks. True, we traveled around the United States for a year in our Jeep with our Labrador Retriever last year, but our last expedition out of the country was a brief excursion to Ecuador in 2009. There’s a whole other saga of our life most folks are unfamiliar with, one that saw us backpack across over 40 countries and six continents. Hey, we haven’t crossed off Antarctica and space yet…

YouTube was the ‘new thing’ back in 2006-07 when the wife and I backpacked around the world, and no one was on Twitter or Facebook yet. The internet has and continues to change the face of independent travel, and that’s something I hope to document. Remember carrying traveler’s checks, and actual paper maps? These days, we’re GPSing it to the nearest AirBnB, and plugging in our Amazon Firestick to the flat screen once we walk through the door.

Planning, prepping and executing a long term journey is a very different prospect than a weekend in Vegas, that’s for sure. Right now, our primary dilemma is disengaging from the larger-than-life North American lifestyle; we’ve paired down from house-living to car-living, yet international travel mandates that we’ll need to down-size further still, to turtle-living with our lives on our backs, or at least, what we can tote from terminal to taxi to hostel.

Mmmm… Be-Bim-Bop… prepping for international cuisine at the Sari One Korean restaurant in Tampa, Florida.

Hey, we’ve done it before. Every trip, we fret about how can we live with so little; then once we’re on our way, we look at what we can through out. In the coming weeks, we’re hoping to talk about the Art of Not Having a Plan, Writing from the Road, and How Tech Has Changed Travel for Better and Worse. And hey, we’ll still be maintaining our gigs at Universe Today, Listosaur, Sky and Telescope and anyone else who’ll have words from our brain…

Stay tuned!


  1. Griiker says:

    Have you thought about bike touring? there has been a lot of people doing it.

    This is a good one, rides a tricycle around, but I think you could put together a better one yet!

  2. Looking forward to going with you , if only online!


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