June 3, 2020

Reader Feedback, New Changes and More

Observing ‘scopes are happy scopes…

(photo by the author).

You responded, and we listened.

Well, maybe complained is more the term. But after a short bit of consideration, we did indeed implement a few changes that we felt were warranted. Anyhow, if you’ve read this far, you’re not a spam-spewing robot, and maybe while you don’t necessarily agree with everything on this site, at least you’re paying attention…

Let me explain. Over the years, we’ve picked up recurring gigs at several other sites. Astroguyz.com, however, is our home, our blog, and our soapbox. We like to keep things fun, about science and astronomy with maybe a dash of science fiction thrown in. We rarely get political or engage in mainstream controversy (see: “having fun” above) except in so far as politics intersect with science (say, global warming or evolution). Over the years, our “how to observe” and space news efforts have mostly moved on to other sites.

Readers from those sites, however, may find themselves back here. Often, it’s because there’s a topic I’ve researched extensively in the past with information that might only be available on this site. Say “Black and Blue Moons for the coming decade”, or “how many alien Voyagers exist in our galaxy?

Again, all fun stuff worthy of the soapbox of a personal blog.

Anyhow, a few readers expressed dismay at the layout of our blog. To be honest, we were never particularly happy with the popup banners in the design… they’re gone. We also have a rule that, while ads are a necessary evil, they won’t be more the 50% of what you see… that’s less than many mainstream news agencies. Believe me, as a freelancer, we don’t make nearly as much money from ads on the site as folks imagine, yet we have to play the game to keep the lights on.

And as for the content, it’ll still be a grab bag of what’s in our brain and stuff that we feel should see the light of day, but just doesn’t fit anywhere else. That could be personal meanderings (such as this post), a really neat astronomy video that we feel you just have to see, an excerpt from our latest story, or a review of a classic sci-fi or science book that we’d like to share.

We understand we can’t please everyone, nor should we try. We’re very unlikely to engage in arguments with folks on social media, especially when they degrade into ad hominem attacks… true story, I’ve actually had to block folks for arguing with us about Star Wars (sorry, a “parsec” is a measure of distance, not time).

I’m more likely to ignore you than engage in pointless bickering, though legitimate constructive criticism is always welcome.

And I’ll let you in on another small secret: we’re more likely to discuss the merits of this blog, on this blog. On other sites we write for, we welcome discussing the content of the specific article, and we do try hard to respond to everything worthy of attention in the forum it was published.

Well, that’s it for October, 2017 AD… we promise that it’s back to “having fun” next month.


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