May 25, 2020

Adventures in Amazon Sales.

We have a not-so-secret addiction here at Astroguyz HQ; books and CDs. For decades now, we’ve brought several of these paper and plastic trinkets home almost daily, some to be glanced at or listened to maybe once, never to be heard from again. Heck, we love music, and a good book is just a precious discovered gem, even in today’s electronic age. But as a consequence, we nearly need a second house  just for our library! Late in 2008, I resolved to downsize our collection; with a cold eye, I resolved to only keep books that were valid research and reference resources. And as for music, I decided that all CDs would be digitized… at nearly 1,000 CDs, a monumental task! In my life-time, I’d gone from records to cassettes to CDs… I vow that digital is the last format change that I’ll endure. Time to be old and set in my ways; you’ll get my MP3’s from my cold dead hands…

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March 2010: Life in the Astro-Blogosphere.

This month, spring and the vernal equinox are in the air in the northern hemisphere; time for warmer temps, shortening nights and hopefully, a buffer between the cold of winter and the eventual swarms of summer mosquitoes that are the bane of many an observer. What follows is a brief rundown of all things astronomical that are floating through our respective transom here at Astroguyz HQ;

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Review: Burnham’s Celestial Handbook.

A few decades back, I mentioned to a friend at a local planetarium of my enduring interest in astronomy. “Surely, then, “ he said pulling out a three volume set, “you have these…” I did not at the time, but I had indeed heard the legends. The books were Burnham’s Celestial Handbook, a three volume compendium on observational astronomy. A few weeks back we did a piece on the man, Robert Burnham Jr. and his tempestuous life; now I’d like to break with tradition a bit a provide a review of this indispensable astronomical classic. [Read more...]