May 28, 2020

Constellations of Yore.

Hunting Cerberus…

(From Johann Bode’s 1801 Uranographia, in the Public Domain).

Sure, you’re familiar with the constellations of Orion and Ursa Major. Or perhaps you even know the difference between a constellation and an asterism such as the “Teapot” or the “Sickle” of Leo, or maybe you can even successfully pronounce such tongue-twisting names as Vulpecula or Camelopardalis… But have you ever heard of Gallus the Rooster or  Polophylax the “Pole Keeper?” [Read more...]

Review: Wonders in the Sky.

Authors Note: Yes, this week’s review touches on UFO’s in the form of unexplained aerial phenomena. We thought long and hard about reviewing this book when it arrived on our doorstep, and decided it does have merit from a historical astronomical perspective.

Delving into the world of archeo-astronomy is always a fascinating exercise for the desktop/arm chair observer. Sifting through piles of old observations and tales from skies of yore always makes one wonder; what did they see? Is there any basis to the old myths and legends in astronomical fact? [Read more...]