April 2, 2020

In Defense of the Farmer’s Almanac.

Sometimes, astronomical information comes from the most unlikely of sources. I first started into a lifelong interest of astronomy as a kid, growing up in the backwoods of northern Maine. There, a pristine sky that would be the envy of any backyard astronomer awaited almost every night, right beyond my doorstep. But I soon found that my access to resources and information was limited; like so many subjects I became immersed in, I quickly devoured the half dozen out-dated books at my local library and desperately searched for more. I had heard of Sky & Telescope and Astronomy magazines, but our local bookstore had yet to carry them.

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The Maine Solar System Model: An Update.

The Solar System has become a much more complicated place. As reported in this space last year,  The Maine Solar System model (MSSM) in Aroostook County, Maine was constructed starting in 2000 and was renowned as the world largest solar system representation.

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Adventures along the Maine Solar System Model

ver wanted to cruise the solar system? A new project in Northern Maine enables you to do just that! Located in Aroostook county, the Maine Solar System Model is the largest complete representation of our solar system in the world. Conceived by the Univeristy of Maine at Presque Isle and completed in the traditional “9″ planet configuration in June 14th of 2003, the model is based on a 1:93,000,000 mile scale, meaning that a mile on the model essentialy equals one astronomical unit.

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