May 30, 2020

2009: The Year in Science Fiction Poetry.

When I first set out to do a post on science fiction poetry earlier this year, I had my doubts. The subject bubbled up to the top of my short list of blog topics, and I feared that I would have to abandon it due to a dearth of material. Sure, I knew of some sci-fi poetry out there by established authors, but I feared that this would merely fit on the back of a cyber-postage stamp. Sci-fi poetry never seemed to be a critical favorite. The latent discovery of the Science Fiction Poetry Association set me straight on a few things.

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Science Fiction…Poetry?

Poetry isn’t the first thing one thinks of when it comes to science fiction. Indeed, the genre as a whole could be said to be extremely low profile, or at least have lots of room for expansion! Or do you simply say “speculative poetry?” When I first thought of the idea for this post, I thought to myself “You must be crazy. People will definitely think you’ve drunk one too many Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters for this one…”

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