April 7, 2020

Review: Cold by Bill Streever.

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Need to take the heat off this summer? We certainly did, as the sultry Dog Days of 2012 seem to march endlessly on. Fortunately, we found a “cool read” (last bad pun, I swear) in the form of Cold: Adventures in the World’s Frozen Places by Bill Streever. We were happy to find this gem up for library loan on our Kindle Fire, and would heartily recommend this look at the frozen places on our planet to anyone in any season. [Read more...]

Convertable Gloves for Cold Weather Astronomy.

Ahhh… it’s sometimes the simple things that make all the difference in observational astronomy. Now that we are once again spending northern hemisphere winter in sunnier climes (i.e. Hudson, Florida), I reminisce about all those chilly nights in Maine and Alaska under the stars.

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Keeping Vehicles Running in Sub-zero Temperatures

Winter time temps provide their own “unique” challenges when it comes to vehicle maintenance. More than ever, we rely on our vehicles as our lifeline in the winter, especially in a rural setting. I grew up (and currently reside) in Northern Maine, were temps routinely drop below 0F.

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