October 18, 2019

Cor Caroli: A Fine Springtime Double Star.

How about that eclipse, huh? Such shows are some of the best the sky has to offer. But as the Moon remains at slender crescent phase this week and Venus makes its dive sunward for its last transit of the 21st century, we thought we’d take a look at two fascinating double stars for small telescopes this week and next week. [Read more...]

Object of the Week; Gamma Arietis.

Double stars are often overlooked as astronomical targets, but tend to hold up well under light polluted, urban skies. I often show folks bright doubles at star parties to great effect, and a mental vocabulary of about a dozen or so can add to the usual crowd pleasers such as the Moon and bright planets. One of my favorite fall targets is Gamma Arietis, in the constellation Aries, the Ram.

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