January 20, 2020

AstroEvent of the Week: 15.06.09: The Summer Solstice.

Astronomers throughout the northern hemisphere, rejoice; the long slow onslaught of daylight is about to end! The summer solstice occurs right on schedule this year at 05:45 Universal Time on Sunday, June 21st. The most northerly point in the Sun’s yearly celestial journey, it will now start its long apparent journey south. While this may be the longest (barely) stretch of daylight, don’t confuse it with the earliest sunrise or latest sunset, which may occur weeks prior or after (remember sun-fast and our friend, the Equation of Time?) Now is a good time to note any local Stonehenge- like alignments in your local neighborhood, as the Sun’s path marks the Tropic of Cancer, which actually falls around the Taurus/Gemini border in our modern epoch (sorry to break this to all you astrologer types!)… Here’s to the eventual return of the darkness!

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