December 6, 2019

Review: A Classic 1x Finder!

A true classic... (All photos by Author).

A true classic... (All photos by Author).

†† Sometimes the simplest devices are the most ingenious. The week, we take a look at the astronomerís secret weapon; the Telrad Finder.†Anyone who has spent any amount of time with a telescope knows that accurate pointing is a true challenge. When you are sweeping the sky at even moderate magnifications, you may be looking at a field of view much smaller than the Full Moon, itself only the size of a fingernail at armís length. [Read more...]

The Vagabond Astronomer

This is a concept that I have been thinking about for some time. Basically, I love two things; astronomy and travel. The kind of travel that I really like to do is independent backpacking. Vagabonding. [Read more...]