January 18, 2020

Astro-Vid Of the Week: To The Asteroids & Beyond

An artist’s concept of asteroid capture.

(Credit: NASA).

We never miss a chance to catch the fascinating series of talks posted weekly on YouTube via the SETI Institute. Beyond just aliens, these thought expanding seminars cover the length and breadth of space science. Often, the talks are highly technical, but we almost always grab something out of even the advanced ones. [Read more...]

Review: Moon, Directed by Duncan Jones.

Independent movies are a rare breed, and independent sci-fi flicks are rarer still. Perhaps, because of the meager budgets they garner and the special effects they require, there is a lower asymptotic limit to how shoe string a scifi flick can be. True, the Dr. Who look works for things like the BBC adaptation of the Hitchhiker’s Guide, but that’s a big exception. Its just plain tough to make a sleek looking low budget scifi flick! Recently, however, I’m happy to report that we indeed found one that delivers!

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