January 19, 2020

Review: From Dust to Life by John Chambers & Jacqueline Mitton

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How did “we” come to be? How did lowly hydrogen atoms congregate together to eventually build laptops and blog about the cosmos? The formation of our solar system is a key to this mystery, a riddle that we just now may finally have the hard data to solve. This week, we take a look at From Dust to Life: The Origin and Evolution of the Solar System by John Chambers and Jacqueline Mitton out from Princeton University Press. [Read more...]

Titan Unveiled by Ralph Lorenz & Jacqueline Mitton

Perhaps no world in the Solar System is as enigmatic as Titan. Until the last decade or so, what was known about this distant moon of Saturn could barely fill out a postcard, let alone a book. Titan Unveiled published by Princeton University Press is the first book solely dedicated to the moon, centering mostly on the phenomenally successful Cassini-Huygens mission to the ringed planet.

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