April 6, 2020

22.9.9 Update: The Lunar Lander Challenge.

NASA wants you to design the next round of moon vehicles. The Lunar Lander Challenge has been going on hot and heavy since July, with four separate teams vying at various levels. The latest attempt was the Xombie lander flown by Masten Space Systems debuted on the 16th of this month, at the attempt of a level 1 $150,000 prize. The lander failed to meet the criterion, but made for a cool video! Masten plans for two more attempts on Oct 7-8 and 28-29 before the close of the Oct 31st window. The Challenge is part of the Lunar X Prize Foundation, and four teams are competing over the next six weeks at Moffett Field, California and Masten Space Systems at their Mojave test center. May the best lander win!