November 20, 2019

McCain versus the Planetarium.

   Watch out; Astroguyz is about to get partisan. In the most recent presidential debate, McCain ridiculed Obama’s proposal to fund a new projector for the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, Illinois to the tune of 3 million… catch the blow by blow here. Never mind that this wasn’t for a simple vis-vis overhead projector, but a complete remodel and state of the art digital projector for the facility… [Read more...]

Election 08′; What About the Science?

Ok, this week, Astroguyz will get political. I promise not to bludgeon my fans with it like the rest of popular media.

We here at Astroguyz decided to do this piece not just to jump on the election year band wagon, but as an effort to educate ourselves. Frequently, we hear much talk about Iraq and the economy during an election, but little about science. [Read more...]