March 29, 2020

Review-Rock Star: Adventures of a Meteorite Man by Geoffrey Notkin.

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(All photos courtesy of & copyrighted by Geoffrey Notkin; used with permission).

A confession; Iíve always wanted to own a space rock. I suspect Iím not alone in this desire in the astronomical community, a realm where we must resign ourselves to observing what we love from afar. It was this yearning that led me to pick up one of the very few pieces of jewelry that I own from a Discovery Store in Anchorage, Alaska; a meteorite fashioned into a guitar pick. Here was a perfect melding of two passions in my life; music & space. [Read more...]

Astronomy at the (Bottom?) of the World.

Some astronomers literally go to the ends of the Earth in search of data. That life-giving layer we know as the atmosphere can also be a plain ol’ nuisance when it comes to visual observing, and can make viewing in some wavelengths such as sub-millimeter, infra-red and X-ray next to impossible. Sure, viewing from space alleviates the problem, but payload weight tends to go at a premium and the line is long to use such premiere space telescopes as Hubble or Chandra. The solution? Many astronomers have taken to the Antarctic in the past decades, were the air is thin, dry, and the wonders of the southern hemisphere abound.

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