December 9, 2019

Review: Science Illustrated Magazine.

Science in Vivid Focus! (Photo by Author).

Way back in the 80’s, in the era of floppy disks, Apple IIe’s and hair rock was a magazine called Science Digest. It was one of the first periodicals to combine cutting-edge scientific research with a glossy, Reader’s Digest-meets-National Geographic style of approach for the masses. This was one of the first magazine subscriptions I had as a kid, and provided a very tenuous link to real science research growing up in a rural area in the pre-Internet age. [Read more...]

Viewing a Low Altitude Occultation

This past Thursday, I got an e-mail from Sky & Telescopes’ automated alert system; Monday, the 18th of June, there would be an occultation of Venus by the Moon visible from extreme northern New England and the Canadian Maritimes.  This occultation would also span the Atlantic, Europe, and into Asia, but would be especially difficult to spot from the continental US (what we in the miltary refer to as ConUS) due to its extremely low elevation in the day time sky.

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Starting into Astronomy: To Buy (Or not Buy) a Telescope?

   One of the questions I most frequently recieve is “what kind of telescope should I buy as a beginner or for a child?”  Certainly there is a lot of pitfalls to avoid, and very few hands on resources to test drive a potential new scope.  [Read more...]