December 10, 2019

Review: From Here to Infinity by Martin Rees.

Out in June from Norton Books!

The early 20th century was a high time for science. As challenge after challenge was met head-on and the Age of Steam gave way to the vacuum tube and the unlocking of the energy of the atom, it seemed as if progress was unstoppable. Would we be living on Mars and commuting by pneumatic tube by 1999? [Read more...]

Review: How the Hippies Saved Physics by David Kaiser.

On sale now from Norton Books!

Few of us ever stop to think of how culture affects the history of science or vice versa, or the case of this week’s review, the impact of counter-culture on the same. We’re talking about How the Hippies Saved Physics by David Kaiser, out earlier this summer from Norton Books. A far-out trip back in space and time, Hippies is a fascinating look at the state of modern physics in the 1960’s, a time of upheaval for the country in general from which science was not immune. [Read more...]