June 5, 2020

What are you Optimistic About? Edited by John Brockman

Few books go against the grain of relative pessimism that permeates modern culture. In “What are you Optimistic About?” John Brockman challenges some of the leading thinkers of our time to think of the glass as half full. Each year, the Edge website www.edge.org has asked a simple question to the great thinkers of our time.

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My Personal Connection with the Universe

Even since I was young, I’ve looked towards the stars. One of my earliest memories was looking up at the cresent moon, in conjunction with some bright planet (probably Venus) as my Aunt Lorraine carried me up to our apartment in Mapleton, Maine. Not that I knew what any of these objects were. I just thought that they were bright and shiny, and due my rapt attention. All these years later, a rising moon still draws me outdoors. [Read more...]