February 17, 2020

Review: The Salmon of Doubt.

A must read for any Adams fan!

This week, we reach back into our grab bag of books in the “waiting to be read” pile, and once again, we’re glad we did! Long-time fans of this spot will remember our very first post way back in halcyon days of 2007, a quaint, link-less, picture-less review of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy. I can think of few other science fiction pieces that have shaped my outlook on Life, the Universe, and well, Everything that is science fiction.

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Astronomy is often a solitary, contemplative activity. Sure, our passion for the night sky can have some communal facets, such as star parties and the like, but ultimately, we all find ourselves at one time or another alone under the skies. I believe this type of outward reflection is vital to a well rounded perspective, and necessary in today’s fast paced world. For this reason some astronomers I know abhor the idea of bringing any background music at all into the field, preferring instead to let the “music of the spheres” do the talking.

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