June 6, 2020

Review: Adam; A Valentine’s Day Astronomy Flick!

(Editor’s note; this Valentine’s Day weekend, love is in the air here at Astroguyz HQ as we review a quirky but astronomical-themed modern day romance flick; read on;)

Not all great astronomy movies need be Sci-Fi flicks. Once in a very great while, we unearth an offbeat film with enough astronomical flair that it warrants mention to you, the unsuspecting science public. Such is the case with the indie flick Adam, written and directed by Max Mayer. We recently caught this tale of love in a time of astronomy via Netflix, and were thoroughly amused and impressed. Adam is best described as Rain Man or I Am Sam turned science-romance tale. The setting is Manhattan, and Adam, played by Hugh Dancy, is a brilliant young man who is afflicted with Asperger’s Syndrome. Adam has a fascination with astronomy, but often has problems connecting with everyday interpersonal relations. [Read more...]