April 6, 2020

Free Fiction Friday: Solar Winds-The Syzygy Gambit Part 5

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Ready to tear the solar system asunder? Can’t make it to Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Here’s our latest free fiction Friday offering from 2222 AD and the Solar Winds universe. †Don’t forget, you can read this tale and other original works of fiction in their entirety, and be sure to start from part one.

Solar Winds: The Syzygy Gambit


David A. Dickinson

Chapter 5

The Armageddon on Tap was pointed back with its stern sunward and was now parked at the Terra-Luna systemís far L2 Lagrange point. The repaired sunshield was now deployed, giving Karl and the Shrink a small shaded micro-environment in which to operate. They both moved slowly forward, despite their bulky spacesuits. Valkyrie and V.I.C.A.R. were visible through the cabinís plexi-glass viewport. The large, nickel-iron asteroid seemed suspended above them in the shipís capture cradle. [Read more...]

Free Fiction Friday: Solar Winds-The Syzygy Gambit Part 4

On sale now!

Dear Solar Winds fans… here’s this week’s installment, another extended helping of space opera action and adventure. Like what you read? be sure to start back at part 1, or read the entire story and other original tales by yours truly.

Solar Winds: The Syzygy Gambit Part 4




Andrea watched Mars recede in their aft view until it was once again a tiny glowing orange ember. Now there was nothing to do but prepare for the three-week trip to Earthís Moon. She knew that this roundabout transit would drastically reduce the critical time they needed on Luna to prepare for the assault. [Read more...]

Review: Starship: Flagship by Mike Resnick.

The saga continues…Starship:Flagship is the final installment in the Wilson Cole Starship saga. Out this month courtesy of Pyr books, this last chapter by prolific author Mike Resnick sees a wind up of the Starship series. I must admit , now that we’re semi-into it, it’s a shame to see it end! Fans of this site will remember the luke-warm reception we gave Starship:Rebel a few months back; much of what we said still applies to Flagship. Laser blasts fly, warp engines (OK, wormholes) are engaged, and furry green alien creatures are real furry green alien creatures, and of course, most punches are pulled…but hey, this is a space opera!

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