June 7, 2020

7.9.09: The September Perseids…an Encore?

   This weeks’ potential astro-event is a total wild card. Last year, automated all-sky cameras and the few dedicated observers that maintained a lone early AM vigil noted a sharp upswing in a previously unknown meteor shower. Informally dubbed the “September Perseids,” this shower appeared to have a brief peak over North America on September 9th and spawned a flurry several bright fireballs over a span of about four hours. The progenitor comet remains a mystery, as does much about this shower…could a new meteor stream be evolving? The only way to know for sure is to watch! [Read more...]

AstroEvent of the Week: 22.06.09: Will the June Bootids Perform?

This weeks’ event is a total wild card. Most years, the meteor shower known as the June Bootids warrants nary a second thought, as rates tend to hover around 10 per hour on or around the morning of June 27th. However, this shower is notoriously unpredictable; showers in 1998, 2004 and even as far back as 1916 have produced outbursts in excess of 100 per hour. Predictions this year run the gamut; no large swarm is forecast to intersect the Earth’s orbit, favoring instead 2010.

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