June 6, 2020

Astro-Event: The Craters of Apollo 11.

The region of the Apollo 11 craters (see below).

Photo by Author.

Recently, we wrote about the “Stars of Apollo 1” and how those astronauts who perished in the fire on Pad 34 were memorialized in the sky by their own hand. This week, we thought we’d draw your attention moonward and bring you next week’s astro-event a few days early to honor the passing of a hero. We’ve wanted to write on the craters named after the Apollo 11 astronauts for some time. Located in the southwestern corner of the Mare Tranquillitatis (The Sea of Tranquility), these three craters named Aldrin, Collins, & Armstrong sit in the general area that Neil Armstrong took his footsteps on the Moon, the first human being to do so on July 20th, 1969. [Read more...]