April 10, 2020

December 2013: The Month in Science Fiction

Deck the Halls! Christmas/Festivus/pick your favorite December Solstice tie-in holiday is here once again, and with it comes our final monthly round up of science fiction for 2013. Boy, the calendar year itself sounds like a date straight out of science fiction, huh? Wasn’t Kevin Costner supposed to be making his apocalyptic runs on behalf of the U.S. postal service by now? And just think, the flying skateboards of 2015 and Back to the Future II are now just over a year away. [Read more...]

June 2013: This Month in Science Fiction

Ah… northern hemisphere summer always means one thing to Sci-Fi movie fans: Blockbuster film season. This is the time of year that Hollywood eschews all attempts at Academy winning performances and opts instead to simply blow things up. Hey, we’ve already seen some surprise hits such as Oblivion and After Earth. For our money, these were just as good as the sure-fire anticipated flicks such as Iron Man 3 and Star Trek: Into Darkness. And hey, the second Hunger Games film and the film adaption of Ender’s Game comes out later this year in November 2013! [Read more...]