August 25, 2019

Astronomy Video of the Week: Catch a Close Pass of Asteroid 2015 HD1 Tonight!

Credit: The Virtual Telescope Project

Caution: low-flying space rocks!

A funny thing happened on our way back to Florida late last week. On April 18th, as we disconnected from the hotel wifi and the cyber world one last time, we admonished the universe not to send any ‘alien invasions or killer space rocks’ our way until we could get our base camp established in Florida on Monday. [Read more...]

Astronomy Video of the Week: Watch the March 20th Total Solar Eclipse Live!

A partial solar eclipse as seen from space.

(Credit: NASA/SDO).

It is now almost upon us. The first eclipse of 2015 and the only total solar eclipse of the year is coming right up this Friday on March 20th, as the shadow of the Moon crosses the North Atlantic. And although the path of totality for this eclipse only makes landfall over the Faroe and Svalbard Islands, millions across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East will witness a fine partial solar eclipse. [Read more...]