May 28, 2020



Dear Universe,

This is David Dickinson, conceiver of AstroGuyz.  I’m originally from Mapleton, Maine, and retired from the U.S Air Force as an Aircraft Armament Systems Specialist.  I have been fasinated by astronomy and science since watching the last Apollo Moonshots in the early 70s and Star Trek re-runs as a kid.  I’ve owned about half a dozen telescopes, done public out reach, built my own observatory, and operated the 16-scope and the University of Arizona’s Flandrau Observatory in Tucson.  I’ve also contributed variable and meteor observing data.  I started this blog in response to the huge interest I see in the general public, as well as some of the mis-conceptions I’ve heard about space and astronomy.

This blog is a soapbox, and opinions are my own. We work hard to keep the ads to a minimum… freelancers don’t make nearly as much money as you’re imagining right now, believe me.

Image Use Policy: We here at Astroguyz strive to bring you the latest and most innovative of astro-images possible. Many of the images contained here-in are created by the author… a simple request for use and 9 times out of 10, we’ll grant permission, no problem. We go to great lengths to assure the images that we use are either for public use, or we attain the rights for use and provide accurate attribution. If you feel your image is being used unfairly, simply drop us a line and we’ll remove it without question… we do realize that what might make its way onto Creative Commons might not always be so. Keep in mind, however, we do check that the images could in fact be yours in the first place; for example, I doubt you have any cameras orbiting Titan, and if you claim one of ours, Doom on You. Keep in mind that we’re also an educational astronomical news site with perhaps a laugh thrown in here and there; believe me, we do this from the heart in the name of public outreach and science education.

Privacy Policy:

We do not sell, share or trade your personal information to any third party source. All contact information collected stays solely within our network of web sites, including but not limited to the following: AstroGuyz.Com, ItinerantTightwad.Com, TheLessonMachine.Com, TrekHound.Com and WeBeSharin.Com. We are also affiliated with the Miami School of Blogging and the Posh Frugality Network.