April 7, 2020

Review: Alien Pregnant by Elvis Edited by Ester M. Friesner and Martin H. Greenberg.

It has gotta be true, it’s in print, right? This week, we dig back into the Astroguyz science fiction library of the strange and curious to bring you Alien Pregnant by Elvis, an anthology of 36 tabloid inspired tales that could have sprung right from the supermarket checkout line. From a Martian memorial to Elvis to 2,437 (who counted ‘em?) UFOs sighted over New Hampshire, it’s all here in tales woven in a stranger-than-fiction fashion.

The collection itself is a great idea; after all, why should the tabloid journalism mills get a corner market on what science fiction writers have been doing for decades? And of course, the tabloids of the 80’s and 90’s were but mere harbingers of the modern internet era, where any back-woods conspiracy theorist with access to broadband and a free AOL disk can hang out their cyber-shingle and explain to you how the government bounces thought-control rays off of the International Space Station; hey, its only a matter of time. Some top-notch science fiction names grace these tales, from Alan Dean Foster to Mike Resnick to David Brin…a quick pick of some of our tabloid faves are as follows;

Is Your Coworker a Space Alien? By “Bob” bes Shahar: just because you’re not paranoid doesn’t mean that they’re Not Here…A test for that guy in the cubicle next door that seems a little “off”…

Rock Band Conjures Satan As Manager- Group Claims “Good Business Move” by Deborah J. Wunder; Hasn’t this already occurred? The world famous rock band Kill the Smurfs teaches Old Nick a thing or two about Evil.

Elvis at the White House by Kristine Kathryn Rusch; the author Diving into the Wreck and the soon to be released (and reviewed in this space next week!) City of Ruins tackles that perennial tabloid topic, the King himself.

Do search out this unique collection of made for the tabloid science fiction tales; the title alone is just plain cool!

Not enough weirdness? This week, I also wanted to give a brief shout out to a recent episode of Escape Pod: Episode #286 The ’76 Goldwater Dime by John Medaille and read by Norm Sherman. This is pure vintage Twilight Zone and one of the best episodes to grace our IPod this year thus far, so good I had to listen to it an unprecedented three times. Its great to think that unexplained absurdity may lurk in mundane places… but just where are those coins with alternate presidential façades coming from?

Next Week: As promised above, we’re off Dignity Vessel-diving with Boss and the crew with our review of City of Ruins!



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