February 18, 2020

AVOW: Watch the Launch and Docking of Progress 58 Live

Progress-58P rolls to the launch pad.

Credit: Roscosmos.

Itís back!

By popular demand and the never ending quest for content, weíre proud to be reinstituting one of our most popular features from over the years here on Astroguyz, the Astronomy Video Of the Week (AVOW).

Hardly a day goes by in our online adventures that we donít come across an amazing lecture, live broadcast or animated gif highlighting the wonders of space. Itís a brave new world out there, and with AVOW, we strive to distill Ďem down to the very Ďbest of the bestí along with some brief commentary.

This week, we present to you the live launch broadcast of Progress-58P, also known as M-26M:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Launch coverage on NASA TV starts on Tuesday, February 16th at 5:45 AM EST/10:45 UT, with liftoff set for 6:00 AM EST/11:00 UT. Sure, itís a routine Soyuz-U rocket launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome headed to the ISS, but any space shot is always fascinating to watch. Progress-58P is an automated resupply vehicle, and even the routine rollout carried out on Sunday is always fun to watch.

Progress-58P is set for a four orbit Ďfast-track rendezvous with the ISS, and docking coverage resumes at 11:30 AM EST/16:30 UT for a 11:59 AM EST/16:59 UT docking to the Zvezda module.

Progress-58P carries medical and personal supplies, as well as provisions and experiments bound for the ISS. The Ď-58Pí designation denotes the 58th Progress resupply mission since the days of Mir, versus the 26th to the International Space Station.

And this all comes during a busy season for the ISS. Dragon and ATV-5 recently departed, and a series of spacewalks are also on tap for later this week and will be carried live on NASA TV. And next up, thereíll be an Expedition swap out as three crewmembers return to Earth on March 12th and crewmembers Mikhail Korniyenko and Mark Kelly depart Earth on March 27th for their yearlong stay on the ISS.

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