December 10, 2019

Review Starbase Human by Kristine Katheryn Rusch

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What would you do with a Clone Army? Long the dream of many a would be supervillain, just such a possibility is the central plot in this week’s science fiction review.

We’re talking about Starbase: Human, book seven in the Anniversary Day saga by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, out in May 2015 by WMG Publishing. Yes, it’s one of the final books in our review backlog, but we long ago vowed to finish off the entire Anniversary Day saga. Fans of this space will recall our reviews of Book 2: Blowback, Book 3: A Murder of Clones, Book 4: Search & Recovery, Book 5: The Peyti Crisis, and Book 6: Vigilantes.

The entire series reads like a murder-mystery, with a space-spanning conspiracy of intergalactic proportions. Starbase Human takes the reader back 35 years before the shattering events of Anniversary Day, to an eerily similar situation on a remote Starbase, an event with future implications. This plot sought to wipe out the human inhabitants of the remote outpost using an army of clones.

Sound familiar yet? The puzzle pieces all begin to fall into place in this sweeping saga, as a master criminal prepares to lash out at the enemy, while one of the Disappeared wrestles with the idea of coming out of hiding to strike at a furious foe.

The book also jumps back to present day after the Starbase Human incident, as Frontier Marshall Judita Gomez struggles to trace the origins of the Anniversary Day attacks of Earth’s Moon back to their source and the clandestine Earth Alliance cloning factory.

Meanwhile, the story takes us back to undercover spy Iniko Zagrando and his previous refusal to work with the Earth Alliance Military Division Intelligence Service, a choice that’s now coming back to haunt him as the interplanetary dragnet closes.

This is all leading up to the big finale in book 8. Don’t tell us, no spoilers, please.

What we really like with the Anniversary Day saga is the way Rusch weaves in politics, detective work, and mystery into a sci-fi tale, and brings out a tour de force as a result. Rusch’s skills at diverse disciplines in fiction really come to bear in the series, resulting in a rich and complex tale.

The Anniversary Day universe is at once both alien and familiar, as an attack on Armstrong base on Earth’s Moon thrusts the diverse cast of characters into uncertain future, a future which humanity may or may not be a part of.

Don’t miss Starbase Human and the Anniversary Day saga, but do heed the author’s advice and start the series back at book one.

And stay tuned, as we’re are planning on getting around to reviewing book 8 in the Anniversary Day saga : Masterminds this summer. Next up, though, we’re cranking out the review of Brenda Cooper’s latest sci-fi tale, Wilders out from Pyr on June 13th, 2017. Hey, that’s just a few weeks away… our promised goal of getting back into reviewing books before they hit the cyber- shelves is at last coming to pass.

Stay tuned, more science (and science fiction) book reviews are on the horizon!





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