May 26, 2020

Astro Video of the Week: NASA Opens the Archives

What a fun circus ride…

Ever wonder what sort of secrets NASA is REALLY sitting on? We got an early birthday surprise early this past week, when the Armstrong Flight Research Center (formerly the Dryden Space Center) released hundreds of old videos on YouTube, some of these have existed around the web on various sites, some are new to the online era. You’ll see the old flying bedstead used to train Apollo astronauts in action, early flight tests of the SR-71 Blackbird, accident tests using a commercial airliner, and much more. NASA has thus far put about 300 new/old videos up out of a promised 500. For our money, the flying bedstead tests simulating a lunar lander are always fun to watch:



Nope, no alien autopsies or back engineering of captured faster than light drive spacecraft here, just good ole honest real history. NASA is actually one of the most transparent government agencies out there, broadcasting its activities for anyone that’s interested in near real time. That’s why we feel that the recent proposal to create a military ‘Space Force’ is a bad idea. Not only do we not need more generals, but we already have ample military space assets in the U.S. Air Force. Plus, we were lucky in the early era of the Space Age when scientists successfully advocated for a civilian run U.S. space program, otherwise, yes, we would’ve ended up with a cloaked in secrecy military run space agency.


Enjoy these videos, as we comb through them as well this weekend. We’d love to have the startup capital to dig through those old vaults ourselves, and bring some of those videos from older more obscure launches to the light of day… maybe there’s a Kickstarter idea in the works there, somewhere?


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