May 28, 2020

Book Review: The Castle in Cassiopeia by Mike Resnick

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There’s nothing like the swashbuckling action of jumping from one globular cluster to another. We recently came across just such a fast-moving tale, with The Castle in Cassiopeia by Mike Resnick, the latest in his Dead Enders saga out from Pyr Books.

The Castle in Cassiopeia follows the further exploits of Pretorius and his band of space mercenaries the Dead Enders, and their first time out as a team. The Dead Enders run into trouble when they place a clone of the captured General Michkag in the galaxy spanning Traanskei Coalition – and the clone promptly follows the genetic impulse of its predecessor, and dominates the multi-world coalition. His privileged position also puts Michkag in a prime position to do the same for Earth.

It’s up to Pretorius and his newly formed band of Dead Enders to stop Pretorius on his plans of conquest, if they can. What follows is an action-packed dive though the ranks of Michkag’s alien army, as the Dead Enders seek to either kill or capture the cloned general, or die trying.

As with most of Mike Resnick’s scifi tales, The Castle in Cassiopeia really storms the fortress, with non-stop action-packed adventure… be sure to give it a read!

Editor’s note: As many of you have noted, our posts here and across ye’ ole web have become far and few between as we work away at a book project for the end of 2018… I can always tell if a blogger is working on a book, as they disappear from the interwebs into monastic seclusion. We’re hoping to resume the drumbeat of weekly reviews soon… stay tuned!

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