June 7, 2020

Review: Keepers by Brenda Cooper

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What might the ecology of Earth look like in a post-apocalyptic world? We recently read a science fiction tale that tackled this precise question. We’re talking about Keepers by Brenda Cooper, out now from Pyr Books. Book 2 in the Project Earth saga, Keepers looks at a world with a dichotomous face, pitting ultra-technical megacities surrounded by recovering wildness given over to ecobot Keepers and human Wilders.

Fans of the series and this space will recall our review of the first book in the series a while back, Wilders. In that first installment of the tale, Coryn ventures out from the safety of the megacities with her robot companion Paula into the reverted wilderness beyond to find her sister.

In book two, Coryn, reunited with her sister Lou in book one must work to protect both realms from the Returners, those who would convert the world back to the way things were before the climate catastrophe. Lou and Coryn are joined the protector Shuska and environmental researcher Matchiko protecting the sheltered megacities and the wilderness surrounding them. Coryn comes to realize the enormous responsibility that her sister wields in Book 2 of the saga, and how the Wilders are not just merely tolerated in the world beyond the megacities, but play a crucial role in their defense.

Book 2 moves a little slower than the first installment of the saga, but that might be by design as the second book in a series gets down to the intricacies and world building needed in a saga like the Project Earth series. Like The Hunger Games did with District 13, Project Earth drops in the new dimension of the Returners in the second installment.

We do like how Keepers, like Wilders before it continues to grapple with the big issues of technology, the environment and the future of humanity. Will the rise of automated intelligence be needed to save us from ourselves? Will the future call for such drastic measures for the survival of the human species, and the ecology of the Earth as a whole?

As rough and ready ecological warriors, Lou and Coryn must root out secret collectives of Returners, cross the cultural and political realms of the city dwellers and the Wilders, all while evading the capricious ecobots along the way. Oh, and The Returners may also come nuclear-armed, as technology from past generations is still laying around, waiting for someone to come along and pick them up…

Be sure to read Keepers for a great science fiction tale of environment versus technology and our place in it.

Also: be sure to check out Brenda Cooper’s The Glittering Edge duology including the books Edge of Dark and Spear of Light and the Ruby’s Song series, The Diamond Deep and The Creative Fire.

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