June 7, 2020

Astro-Vid Of the Week: the Virtual Star Party

Jupiter +Europa (arrowed) from last night’s VSP.

(Photo by Author).


Looking for a good reason to join Google+?

We’ll give you a universe full of reasons with the Virtual Star Party. Hosted by the Universe Today’s Fraser Cain, the Virtual Star Party links up telescopes from all over the world every Sunday night to broadcast images of celestial objects over Google+ and YouTube. You can expect to see anything from nebulae to galaxies to planets and more. And they take requests! [Read more...]

Astro-Vid Of the Week- The Weekly Space Hangout

A Stellar Show!

Interested in space? One of the great things we love about the modern Web-based world is the way that we can streamline our information flow. Back in the “olden days” (i.e., just over a decade ago), we were all forced to sit through a mind-numbing drone of sports and entertainment stories masquerading as “news” to catch a brief glimpse of what’s going on in science and space. [Read more...]

Free Tools for the Renegade Scientist.

The motto here at ye’ ole Astroguyz could be “never pay good money for what you can snark for free online”…many a good stone has been spent on tools or applications that can be found, with a little thought, for free online. [Read more...]