November 19, 2019

Astro-Event: Scoping Out the Jovian Action.

Jupiter & moons + shadow transit.

(Photo by Author).

These next few weeks are a great time to keep an eye on the largest planet in our solar system. The planet is fresh off of opposition, which occurred on December 2nd of last year, and resumes direct motion eastward through Taurus towards quadrature on February 25th. In fact, Jupiter doesn’t even reach opposition this year, something that hasn’t happened since 2001 and won’t happen again until 2025. This is because Jupiter orbits the Sun once every 11.9 years and thus successive oppositions occur approximately every 400 days apart. [Read more...]

Astro-Event: See Mercury at its Best.

Looking east the morning of December 3rd an hour before dawn.

(Created by the Author in Starry Night).

By now, you’ve no doubt been thrilled by last week’s dramatic passage of Venus and Saturn in the dawn sky. Well, as the old Late-night TV ad cliché says, “But wait, there’s more…”

Fresh off of inferior conjunct and a near transit of the Sun that missed the solar limb by less than 8’ minutes on November 17th, the planet Mercury joins the pair for a stunning gathering. [Read more...]

Astro-Events: An Opposition and an Occultation!

Looking west from Astroguyz HQ Oct 27th at sunset. (Created by the Author using Starry Night & Paint).

This week marks the return of the King of the Planets to evening skies, as well as a close lunar-planetary grouping for well placed observers and a chance to spy an unusual asteroid. [Read more...]