April 9, 2020

The Rise of Glovelite.

In our never-ending quest to explore the cosmos, we here at Astroguyz HQ probably own more red lights than conventional flashlights. As we mentioned last month in our post about tips for observing, light at red wavelengths can give us star chart reading capability while still preserving that all important night vision.

Still, the quest to find an available red-light can be humbling in the dark. Headlamps are a good solution, but often can blind a fellow astronomer, and are often more orange than red besides…

Enter Glovelite. Manufactured by Mission Lights out of Bangor Maine, Glovelite is the wearable light that “You can’t drop.” Glovelite puts light at your fingertips, perfect for map reading, writing, or keyboarding (for those of us who “hunt and peck”) in the dark. We received our product sample just in time for a field test at two local back-to-back star parties in one 24 hour period. We used Glovelite exclusively and extensively, and let me just say it fits our two most vaunted criterions for new gizmos… its simple and it “just works!” Whether using it to guide eyeballs to the eyepiece or reading a chart to find M37 in the constellation Aurigae, Glovelite performed flawlessly. In fact, it was so comfortable and unobtrusive that I drove home and nearly fell asleep with it on!


Glovelite comes in green, white, and the all important red LED with left and right-handed versions. Sizes run from medium to large to over-glove sizes for cold weather applications. Glovelite runs on two each #2016 size batteries, and will operate at a rating of 5,000 millicandelas for 8 continuous hours of operation. Pilots, the military, hunters and boaters will all love Glovelite; anytime you need to see without being seen or ruin your night version, Glovelite would be for you. In fact, I could see the brighter white light applications being good for Trick or Treaters, or just reading books after lights out. Staying in hostels as we backpacked around the world, my wife and I can attest to the usefulness of a ready source of personal light in a packed bunk room after hours.

Do give Glovelite a try at that next crucial star party or serious astro-imaging run. At $28.95 US, we’ve paid much more for less light. As mentioned on their website, Glovelite is waterproof and can be machine washed, and the dual 2016 batteries can be replaced by a single 2032 lithium watch battery for applications that call for reduced brightness. At very least, a pair of Glovelites at that next Star Trek convention will give you a neat, Borg-like appearance!

Next week, it’s back to the science books (we promise, this time!) With intrigue in a time of Gravity Waves with Gravity’s Ghost!





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