June 6, 2020

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

Ender’s Game is truly a book of our times. This book was pre- Wii, pre- Nintendo. It’s popularity caused it to become serialized, but of course, the original stands on its own. Its a sci-fi tale born of the Cold War, and the inferences show. In it the chief protagonist, Ender Wiggins, becomes a pawn in a war between humans and an alien insectoid species.

The book is actually one of the very few that bothers to make its extra-terrestrials truly alien. Ender is groomed through a series of mock military training exercises, culminating in a virtual battle by proxy with the invading alien fleet. The coming of virtual warfare is foreshadowed; already, we see Predators and Raptors that hunt prey remotely. Its been said that if Vietnam was the first television war, then the Gulf War was the first Nintendo War. The current war on terror may well be the first YouTube war. Already, the army is lining up to ban access for the troops. Yes, Ender’s Game predicted this. Although the insectoids threaten humanity, human tactics and repression can turn out to be equally despicable.
Word around the sci-fi web camp fire is that Ender’s Game may finally get a movie adaptation around 2008-09, although Hollywood is notorious for shelving ideas, even good ones! The script is also rumored to be written by Orson Scott Card, so expect it to retain a lot of the original flair, if it eventually gets made.
Originally presented as a novelette, Ender’s Game went on to win a Hugo and Nebula award for best novel in 1985 and 1986 respectively. Its text book outline of leadership has even led it to be used as a reference at the Marine Corps University. The insectoid “buggers” also bear more than a passing resemblance to Robert Heinleins’ insectivores in “Starship Troopers”. The war game simulation sequences are also very “Tron” -like in their feel. Often, itis been felt that the collision of two distinct civilizations must result in the destruction of one, leaving the posibility of a prolonged interstellar war as virtually nil. Ender’s Game presents a plausible alternative. Read the original Ender’s Game to get a feel for what good sci-fi can be, and then eagerly await the movie adaptation with the rest of us!


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