June 4, 2020

Life in the Astro-Blogosphere: On Vigilance and the One That Got Away

Look! There it is!

Credit-The Virtual Star Party.

Now the story can be told.

You just never know when the universe is going to dangle a discovery right in front of your eyes. We amateur astronomers often pride ourselves on being “visual athletes,” patient steely-eyed observers who let little slip by us.

But we too can fall into the trap of routine. Just such a discovery was ours to lose a few weeks ago during the weekly Virtual Star Party held every Sunday night hosted by CosmoQuest and Universe Today on Google+. [Read more...]

Astro-Vid Of the Week: the Virtual Star Party

Jupiter +Europa (arrowed) from last night’s VSP.

(Photo by Author).


Looking for a good reason to join Google+?

We’ll give you a universe full of reasons with the Virtual Star Party. Hosted by the Universe Today’s Fraser Cain, the Virtual Star Party links up telescopes from all over the world every Sunday night to broadcast images of celestial objects over Google+ and YouTube. You can expect to see anything from nebulae to galaxies to planets and more. And they take requests! [Read more...]